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Fire Place Mantels

A fire place is the focal point and sets the tone for the rest of the room.


This mantel stands 15 feet tall, built in sections and finished in the shop. The mantel was brought to the clients home for assembly. The mirrior was installed the next day. 

This mantel was built on site with the client's assistance. The client's basic design was established before the work started but the fnner details were implemented during the construction. This process was done working closely with the client on an hourly basis.  


This wall was all brick that bumped out at both ends of the fire place. PHC designed and built four cabinets in the shop.  The installation required one day.  The customer was amazed at the out come of this project.   


The mantel was existing but the customer was looking for cabinets on both sides of the fire place with crown molding to tie it all together.  

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