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Kitchens are the most important room in a home.  The look and functionality dictates the price of your house.  If you like to cook, a well designed kitchen will improve your cooking pleasure. I will work closely with you to design the kitchen that will suit your needs.

   This customer designed her own kitchen and PHC worked closely with the home owner to accomplish this beautiful kitchen.  She needed someone with the expertise to achieve her dream kitchen.  She is a do-it yourself house wife that contributed alot to cut down her costs and PHC was willing to work with her. With a general cost estimate and a agreement of time and material, this home owner was pleased with the experience and outcome of her kitchen.  PHC received a gift basket and thank you card for the beautiful work.

These Kitchens was designd  and completed from start to finish, no subcontractors. All cabinets and laminate counter tops were built by PHC.   



PHC installed the tile floor to pull all the colors together.

The quality workmanship that went into this kitchen will help

sell the house when it goes on the market.






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